Give your art more visibility!

Whether you are a gifted musician, a talented painter, or an extraordinary circus artist, Book a Street Artist is the platform where you can submit your art work for free, get global exposure and bookings. 

Fantastic spray painters, muralists, musicians, circus artists and others have already joined.


The folks at Book a Street Artist are a breath of fresh air. They know their audience and target market, and most importantly, they care about their artists. Unlike similar agencies, their strength is communication. They care. They treat you like old friends. I’m glad to be associated with them, and consider them good friends
— Michael Bosanko, Light Painter, UK


Smart booked a graffiti artist in Valencia to paint the new model on a garage

Continente Portugal booked Mr. Milk on stilts for their 30th anniversary festivities.

A Padaria Portuguesa booked Smile to paint their new location in Lisbon.

Katjes booked Adry and Carlos for a 3D street painting for their product launch:

PeerAce booked Geraint John Jones
for a concert on their app launch party:

The World Trance Festival booked Densoner to paint 2 ship containers and a XL canvas:

A wedding couple booked Jazz Tease for musical entertainment on their special day:

The Living Arts Festival in Thailand bookedQuideia to perform The Chocolate Couple.

Lumina Light Festival in Portugal booked Michael Bosanko for an interactive light show:

Number26 booked Innerfields, Vidam, HRVB and Nasca Uno to transform their office walls. 
More about this booking on our blog.

Our Values

We are a group of artists, designers, engineers and socially-minded entrepreneurs who speak your same language and strongly believe in art as a powerful tool for positive change. Our values are the base of every single decision we make at Book a Street Artist every day:


You set your prices and know how much Book a Street Artist makes with every booking.


Part of Book a Street Artist's profits are re-invested in street art events and urban projects.


We only forward your requests from paying customers.


We created this platform for and together with artists. Be sure we will act in your best interest.


We believe in collaboration instead of competition among artists and with other projects.



To live doing what you really love is the best gift that you can have, is the only way to live a life full of joy and fulfillment. That’s why people like you are so important the our lives. You guys are the bridge that unites the artists with society. Fantastic!
— Ana Sofia - circus artist
Book a Street Artist is the best thing happened to street artists: it’s like an older brother who will push us to new challenges & a wider public, but really care of us. I mean, Book a Street Artist is the best thing happened to street art itself: in the era of public acceptance, Book a Street Artist mediates with knowledge, the meaning of streetart, the core of the artist, and the voracity of public demanding.
— Drawing Jesus - painter



Where can I find more info about Book a Street Artist?

  • Here is more about us. Read here about our past achievements and here about our media coverage. Also, have a look at our Facebook or vimeo page.

What are my benefits?

  • Increase the number of your bookings, promote of your art work internationally, outsource your negotiations, bookings, payment, and feedback, join and access a large artist network, be protected against last minute cancellations and participate in PANTA Magazine

How can I become part of Book a Street Artist?

  • Just scroll up and hit the "APPLY HERE!" button.

What happens after I apply to Book a Street Artist?

  • We will have a good look at your art work and get back to you as soon as possible. If you are invited to join the portfolio, you will get an email from us with more info about how we work and can ask us more questions if you have any doubts. Next, we will create an online profile like this for you and start promoting your work. We will share with you all the details and info you will need! 

What else does Book a Street Artist do for Street Artists?

  • Apart from the booking platform, Book a Street Artist is actively seeking new ways to enhance the image of Street Art. We try to bring people closer to art with campaigns directly on the street, for example like this. With the launch of PANTA Magazine, we have not only created a channel for Street Artists to show their work, it also displays Street Art in a high quality context, together with design, architecture, photography, and illustrations. Beyond that, we are offering a consultancy service to cities in order to help them promote and organize the art happening in their streets.

Are you an agency?

  • No. We are doing what an agency does – connecting you with paying clients and taking a commission on successful bookings. BUT we have a very different philosophy and way of working: we are a creative business with social impact, acting in the artists' best interest. One of our main values is transparency and we are acting in the interest of artists. Ask us, if you have any specific question!

Why is the commission Book a Street Artist takes so low?

  • As a matter of fact, many managers and agencies out there exploit artists and take up to half of the artists' income. We want to be a transparent alternative where you know how much you make and how much we make at any time. Our commission is low because we think this is one of the best ways to value the artists' work. Our clients appreciate that the artists' projects are not significantly more expensive if they book through us. 

Do I have to be a street artist to join the portfolio?

  • Nope. We mainly work with street artists because we believe they are many times undervalued and underpromoted. However, this is a phenomenon that applies to artists in general. We like to offer our clients a vast variety of amazing acts and art work so we also accept artists who are no street artists. Most of our artists have played on the streets before or they are very curious to try it out. In any case, it is important to us that none of our non-street artist feels superior to street artists.

What kind of artists are in your portfolio?

  • You can find our portfolio here. Our portfolio includes graffiti artists, musicians, painters, aerial artists, sand and ice sculptors, paper artists, illusionists, light graffiters, living statues, and many more.

Who are your clients? 

  • Our main clients are: corporations, agencies, weddings and festivals. Yet, private people, universities and even a church have booked artists from us in the past. We get requests from many parts in the world and our artists have already gone as far as India, Cyprus or Thailand for exciting gigs.

What's your plan?

  • Our plan is to grow a large online booking platform that leaves you as an artist as much freedom and self-management as possible. We are currently in conversations with business programs, funding opportunities and investors to find the right people to make this happen. Once you are part of our portfolio, we will keep you updated about every step along the way.


Any more questions? Drop us a message: [email protected]